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Excerpt from A LITTLE BULL Early Summer 2000 issue.

MBTCA Performance Committee
Mission Statement and Awards Program

To encourage the breeding of Miniature Bull Terriers of correct temperament, that are, according to the standard, "full of fire, having a courageous, even temperament" and "amenable to discipline," and to honor their owners who carefully cultivate that temperament in the pursuit of performance sports, the MBTCA established, at its National Specialty in the Fall of 1998, a Performance Committee.

A Performance Awards program was subsequently established to recognize those dogs and their owners who have achieved titles or special honors in the prior year.

The rules are as follows:

It is the owner's responsibility to notify the Performance Committee of their dog's eligibility for awards and to provide verification. By July 1st, copies of official records of achievement in the following categories must be sent to the Performance Committee Records Clerk for recognition that Fall at the National Specialty banquet. The owner must be a member of the MBTCA at the time of application.

Obedience: Any AKC or UKC obedience titles, or equivalent titles from other registries.

Tracking: Any AKC tracking title or equivalent titles from other registries.

Agility: Any agility title granted by the AKC, UKC, NADAC, or USDAA, or equivalent titles bestowed by other registries.

Earthdog: Any AKC earthdog title, or equivalent titles from other registries.

Conformation: An AKC Champion title. This certification is only relevant if the application is for the Versatility Award.

Therapy Dog: 75 Documented Visits

It is the responsibility of the applicant, should the title be granted by other than the AKC, UKC, NADAC, or USDAA, to provide the Performance Committee with a copy of the titling registry's rules and regulations.

Dogs who received CGC (Canine Good Citizen) or TDI (Therapy Dogs International) certification in the past year are also eligible for club recognition, as are dogs who have made outstanding achievement in any field (including documented, ongoing therapy work).

As special incentive, a Versatility Award has been established (The Susan M. Hall Memorial Versatility Trophy... the "Hildie", named after the first qualifier, Susan's dog Hildie is offered annually to the MBTCA  by Kevin Welch and the Northern Virginia Emergency Animal Hospital where Susan had been President) to honor those dogs winning three titles, one in each of three different areas of endeavor (Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Earthdog, Conformation, or Therapy Dog). This award is a perpetual trophy, that is, its possession remains with the club, but each winner's name (both dog and owner) will be engraved on the trophy, which will be displayed at the National Specialty. A souvenir trophy will be given to the winner(s). There may be more than one winner in a year, and the qualifying titles need not have been gained in the year of application.


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