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The MBTCA strongly encourages anyone interested in purchasing Miniature Bull Terriers to learn as much as possible about the breed before making the commitment to welcome one of these miniature canine 'cavaliers' to your family.
Take your time and look around this club site There is much to discover here about the breed's history, the temperament and health of "mini's" and the names, numbers or emails of many experienced individuals to contact for more specific information such as availability of puppies. We also maintain a Welfare/Rescue Program for dogs who need homes due to family breakups, etc.
Go out and meet Miniature Bull Terriers and the people they own! We can usually be found at shows on weekends, quite possibly near you. Use your search engine to find the dog show websites such as,,, or onofriodogshows where you can learn where and when a show may be within reach of you.
Come out and introduce yourself and meet our dogs face to face!  Club membership requires a sponsor. So, here's a chance to find one!
Remember, the dog shows themselves may run all day. But Miniature Bull Terriers are on for only a short time, often early morning. So be sure to find out the time we're on before you head for the show. (Tip: Wait until we have finished competing before you introduce yourself - we try to avoid distractions before we go in the ring!)
The dog show websites will often show you what time and how many dogs are being exhibited at each show once the entries are all in - usually a week or so before the date of the show.
We strongly encourage you to join the club (Click for Member Application).  We are the only national organization dedicated to the Miniature Bull Terrier and as you can see on this website we sponsor many activities and events during the year. We also have a very high quality club magazine which provides timely information and advertisements which you may find helpful. Contact our newsletter editors to purchase a sample copy.
There is so much to learn and even more to enjoy about the Miniature Bull Terrier !