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To receive Certificate of Sound Healthtm, simply submit:

  1. Completed CSH Application Form
  2. Photo of the Dog
  3. Copy of Dog's Registration papers
  4. Application Fee: $15.00
  5. All required test results

Getting the CSHtm Application Form

To Download Application Form to your PC:


  1. Download: CSH Application ... click --> (CSHAPP.PDF)
  2. Download Acrobat Reader (if not already on your PC) .... click -->
  3. Back at your own PC, OPEN Acread__.exe to install Reader (if not already on your PC)
  4. Open Reader on your LOCAL PC (not thru your browser), then open/print CSH Application (CSHAPP.pdf)

Or, To Get Application Form by Mail:

Send Self-addressed, Stamped Envelope to:
CSH Application
PO Box 9301
Reston, VA 20195
(Specify Breed, please)

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