Susan Marie Hall, DVM


Susan with "Dude"

On next Tuesday morning 12/28 at 11 AM, in the little white church across from Susan's home (St John's Episcopal 5649 Mt Gilead Rd Centreville VA), we will be having a non-traditional ceremony to capture and remember the good memories and ideals that she gave us. We plan to have all her dogs in attendance as well and to savor the good things to commemorate her life and loves.

All friends of Susan and the breed are invited to join us with open arms Tuesday morning at the church hall.

To so many who've asked, we're making sure that her dogs will continue receiving the care and attention they grew used to with Susan. Over the next week or so, probably after the gathering on Tuesday, most of her loved pets will begin new lives in their next homes. A few of you have already reached out to offer assistance and it's so wonderful to know that we have you to call on as the need arises.

Regarding donations, we are talking about some form of trust for the care of Susan's pets (Susan called it her 'menagerie'!). I'll provide details when I have them.